This is a project web site for mobile movie Finland - a venture into creating and teaching art with mobile phones. Check out our inspiration: MobileMovie Hamburg.

Spring 2012 : creating with mobile phones

We made this beautiful music video for Kitkaliitto using one Huawei cell phone.

Fall 2012 : teaching with iPads

A four week project with three groups of 9th graders. Unfortunately, the results are not online, but here's a peek at editing videos using Pinnacle studio:

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 : teaching with Nokia Lumia 800

Microsoft Germany gave support for the project by providing several Nokia Lumia 800 devices to ensure that all participants would have a device of equal quality. Everyone loved working with the smooth phone - despite some technical difficulties now and then, the quality of the video was amazing.

A two month project with an outreach of a total of:
  • 59 adolescents
  • 32 adults

Here are some of the results:

A video from the 2 day workshop in Blossin - The world according to a drinking glass:

A video from the four week project - The penguin walks us through the school:

Check out the cool QR-codes we used to put the videos on display in the filming location:

Plus some screen captures of cell phone video art experimentation by some art teachers in Berlin:

A peek into the first phase of the ex-pat workshop:

Spring 2013 - Summer 2013

Venturing into creating art with cell phones continues, a group exhibition and some more workshops coming along the way.

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